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Accidental Information Discovery

Accidental Information Discovery
  • Author : Tammera M. Race,Stephann Makri
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release : 13 June 2016
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Accidental Information Discovery: Cultivating Serendipity in the Digital Age provides readers with an interesting discussion on the ways serendipity—defined as the accidental discovery of valued information—plays an important role in creative problem-solving. This insightful resource brings together discussions on serendipity and information discovery, research in computer and information science, and interesting thoughts on the creative process. Five thorough chapters explore the significance of serendipity in creativity and innovation, the characteristics of serendipity-friendly tools and minds, and how future


  • Author : Royston M. Roberts
  • Publisher : Wiley
  • Release : 12 July 1989
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Many of the things discovered by accident are important in our everyday lives: Teflon, Velcro, nylon, x-rays, penicillin, safety glass, sugar substitutes, and polyethylene and other plastics. And we owe a debt to accident for some of our deepest scientific knowledge, including Newton's theory of gravitation, the Big Bang theory of Creation, and the discovery of DNA. Even the Rosetta Stone, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the ruins of Pompeii came to light through chance. This book tells the fascinating

Theories of Information Behavior

Theories of Information Behavior
  • Author : Karen E. Fisher,Sanda Erdelez,Lynne McKechnie,American Society for Information Science and Technology
  • Publisher : Information Today, Inc.
  • Release : 06 March 2021
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This unique book presents authoritative overviews of more than 70 conceptual frameworks for understanding how people seek, manage, share, and use information in different contexts. A practical and readable reference to both well-established and newly proposed theories of information behavior, the book includes contributions from 85 scholars from 10 countries. Each theory description covers origins, propositions, methodological implications, usage, links to related conceptual frameworks, and listings of authoritative primary and secondary references. The introductory chapters explain key concepts, theorymethod connections, and the process

The Accidental Scientist

The Accidental Scientist
  • Author : Graeme Donald
  • Publisher : Michael O'Mara Books
  • Release : 30 October 2013
GET THIS BOOKThe Accidental Scientist

Have you ever wondered how the ideas for some things come about? Surprisingly often it is as much down to chance as a single person's brilliance. The Accidental Scientist explores the role of chance and error in scientific, medical and commercial innovation, outlining exactly how some of the most well-known products, gadgets and useful gizmos came to be. From the jacuzzi to jeans and TNT to Tipp-Ex, this book explores many of the discoveries that we are all so familiar

Challenges of Information Technology Management in the 21st Century

Challenges of Information Technology Management in the 21st Century
  • Author : Information Resources Management Association. International Conference
  • Publisher : IGI Global
  • Release : 06 March 2021
GET THIS BOOKChallenges of Information Technology Management in the 21st Century

As the 21st century begins, we are faced with opportunities and challenges of available technology as well as pressured to create strategic and tactical plans for future technology. Worldwide, IT professionals are sharing and trading concepts and ideas for effective IT management, and this co-operation is what leads to solid IT management practices. This volume is a collection of papers that present IT management perspectives from professionals around the world. The papers seek to offer new ideas, refine old ones,

Seeking Meaning

Seeking Meaning
  • Author : Carol Collier Kuhlthau
  • Publisher : Libraries Unltd Incorporated
  • Release : 06 March 2021
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First published in 1993, this book presents a new process approach to library and information services. It gives a detailed description of the model of the information search process (ISP) and a framework for a process approach to library and information services. The author has completed substantial new work that expands the concepts and applications of the user-centered process approach presented in the first edition. Seeking Meaning was first published in 1993. It has since become a widely used professional resource and