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Criminal Law and Precrime

Criminal Law and Precrime
  • Author : Richard Jochelson
  • Publisher : Taylor & Francis
  • Release : 06 July 2017
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In Philip K. Dick's short story Minority Report, the institution of Precrime punishes people with imprisonment for crimes they would have committed had they not been prevented. With Dick's allegorical inspiration, the authors of Criminal Law and Precrime: Legal Studies in Canadian Punishment and Surveillance in Anticipation of Criminal Guilt posit that recent developments in Canadian law indicate a trend toward imposing punitive measures at increasingly earlier stages of the prosecutorial process. The result is a potentially new field of

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The Teaching of Criminal Law

The Teaching of Criminal Law
  • Author : Kris Gledhill,Ben Livings
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 19 August 2016
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The Teaching of Criminal Law provides the first considered discussion of the pedagogy that should inform the teaching of criminal law. It originates from a survey of criminal law courses in different parts of the English-speaking world which showed significant similarity across countries and over time. It also showed that many aspects of substantive law are neglected. This prompted the question of whether any real consideration had been given to criminal law course design. This book seeks to provide a

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Christianity and Criminal Law

Christianity and Criminal Law
  • Author : Mark Hill QC,Norman Doe,RH Helmholz,John Witte, Jr.
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 28 May 2020
GET THIS BOOKChristianity and Criminal Law

This collection, by leading legal scholars, judges and practitioners, together with theologians and church historians, presents historical, theological, philosophical and legal perspectives on Christianity and criminal law. Following a Preface by Lord Judge, formerly Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, and an introductory chapter, the book is divided into four thematic sections. Part I addresses the historical contributions of Christianity to criminal law drawing on biblical sources, early church fathers and canonists, as far as the Enlightenment. Part II,

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Criminal Law, Second Edition

Criminal Law, Second Edition
  • Author : Charles P. Nemeth
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release : 16 November 2011
GET THIS BOOKCriminal Law, Second Edition

In order to fully grasp criminal law concepts, students must go beyond mere rote memorization of the penal code and attempt to understand where the laws originate from and how they have developed. Criminal Law, Second Edition blends legal and moral reasoning in the examination of crimes and explores the history relating to jurisprudence and roots of criminal law. It fosters discussions of controversial issues and delivers abridged case law decisions that target the essence of appellate rulings. Grounded in

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French Criminal Law

French Criminal Law
  • Author : Catherine Elliott
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 01 May 2001
GET THIS BOOKFrench Criminal Law

This book provides a clear and accessible account and analysis of French criminal law in English, the first to have been written. French criminal law has been highly influential in the development of criminal law in civil law countries around the world, and a knowledge of French criminal law has become increasingly important in view of the internationalisation and Europeanisation of criminal law. The book provides a historical introduction to the development of French criminal law, and a chapter on

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Red Zones

Red Zones
  • Author : Marie-Eve Sylvestre,Nicholas Blomley,Céline Bellot
  • Publisher : Cambridge University Press
  • Release : 02 January 2020

Examines the court-imposed territorial restrictions and bail and sentencing conditions that are increasingly issued in criminal proceedings. This will interest academics in law, socio-legal studies, urban studies, geography, and criminology and be of use to policy-makers and practitioners working in criminal procedure and court reform.

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Understanding Criminal Law

Understanding Criminal Law
  • Author : Rodger Geary
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 21 August 2012
GET THIS BOOKUnderstanding Criminal Law

Understanding Criminal Law clarifies a subject which students often find somewhat difficult and confusing. This difficulty stems partly from the rapid changes which criminal law undergoes, through frequent statutory amendments and judicial decisions, but more importantly from the sheer complexity of the subject matter. This book provides a clear and concise text for those studying traditional black-letter substantive criminal law. The author takes a logical and straightforward approach, specifically designed to enable the reader to quickly master the basic principles

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International Criminal Law in Context

International Criminal Law in Context
  • Author : Philipp Kastner
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 20 October 2017
GET THIS BOOKInternational Criminal Law in Context

International Criminal Law in Context provides a critical and contextual introduction to the fundamentals of international criminal law. It goes beyond a doctrinal analysis focused on the practice of international tribunals to draw on a variety of perspectives, capturing the complex processes of internationalisation that criminal law has experienced over the past few decades. The book considers international criminal law in context and seeks to account for the political and cultural factors that have influenced – and that continue to influence –

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The Criminology of Criminal Law

The Criminology of Criminal Law
  • Author : William Laufer
  • Publisher : Routledge
  • Release : 05 July 2017
GET THIS BOOKThe Criminology of Criminal Law

The Criminology of Criminal Law considers the relation between criminal law and theories of crime, criminality and justice. This book discusses a wide range of topics, including: the way in which white-collar crime is defined; new perspectives on stranger violence; the reasons why criminologists have neglected the study of genocide; the idea of boundary crossing in the control of deviance; the relation between punishment and social solidarity; the connection between the notion of justice and modern sentencing theory; the social

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