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Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr

Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr
  • Author : Kristen Jenson
  • Publsiher : Anonim
  • Release : 01 December 2016
  • ISBN : 9780997318722
  • Pages : 123 pages
  • Rating : 4/5 from 21 ratings
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  • Author : Beverly L. Jenkins
  • Publisher : Sourcebooks Incorporated
  • Release : 05 December 2021
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"Photobomb [fo-to_bom] (verb or noun) To ruin other people's photos by making silly faces and/or moving into the background or foreground immediately before the photos are taken, often unbeknownst to the other people in the picture."

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Good Pictures

Good Pictures
  • Author : Kim Beil
  • Publisher : Stanford University Press
  • Release : 23 June 2020
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A picture-rich field guide to American photography, from daguerreotype to digital. We are all photographers now, with camera phones in hand and social media accounts at the ready. And we know which pictures we like. But what makes a "good picture"? And how could anyone think those old styles were actually good? Soft-focus yearbook photos from the '80s are now hopelessly—and happily—outdated, as are the low-angle portraits fashionable in the 1940s or the blank stares of the 1840

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God Made All of Me

God Made All of Me
  • Author : Justin Holcomb,Lindsey Holcomb
  • Publisher : New Growth Press
  • Release : 21 August 2015
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God Made All of Me by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb is an invaluable resource and beautifully illustrated story to help families talk about sensitive issues with two- to eight-year-old children. Because the private parts of our bodies are private, home is the ideal environment for a child to learn about his or her body and how it should be treated by others—without conveying a message of shame. Through carefully written language and relatable storytelling, God Made All of Me

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Beyond the Birds and the Bees

Beyond the Birds and the Bees
  • Author : Greg Popcak,Lisa Popcak
  • Publisher : Ascension Press
  • Release : 26 June 2014
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“The Talk.” It’s one of the most daunting prospects parents face. Communicating the richness of Catholic teaching on sexuality in a faithful and effective way can be an overwhelming responsibility. But does it have to be so? In this thoroughly revised version of Beyond the Birds and the Bees, Greg and Lisa Popcak empower you with the tools needed to move well beyond “the Talk” by offering a comprehensive guide to raising sexually whole and holy children. Using the

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The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made

The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made
  • Author : Larry Christenson
  • Publisher : Bethany House Publishers
  • Release : 01 July 2000
GET THIS BOOKThe Wonderful Way Babies Are Made

A long-standing favorite with Christian parents, The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made will help you teach your children about families, babies, and sexual intimacy from a joyful Christian perspective. Uniquely set against the backdrop of God's creation and our role in it, this book is an excellent place to begin presenting the information, feelings, and attitudes you would like to share with your children about the truly wonderful way babies and families are made. Special features include: Large-print, rhyming text

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The Ultimate Guys' Body Book

The Ultimate Guys' Body Book
  • Author : Walt Larimore, MD
  • Publisher : Zondervan
  • Release : 20 March 2012
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You Mean I Can Ask That? Boys’ bodies do the craziest things! They can knock a baseball out to right field or trip in front of class. But at a certain point, those bodies start to grow up and go through some wild changes. You might be wondering things like: Why don't I look like him? How can I get buff without steroids? And how can I handle that talk my parents want to have—you know, the talk? Yikes!

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The Adventures of Chiko and Chubbs

The Adventures of Chiko and Chubbs
  • Author : Chelsey Johnston
  • Publisher : Anonim
  • Release : 24 November 2020
GET THIS BOOKThe Adventures of Chiko and Chubbs

Ever wonder what your body goes through when you feel scared, happy, sad or even angry? The Adventures of Chiko and Chubbs, follows the lives of 2 guinea pigs as they describe many emotions children face daily in early childhood development. Friendship, courage, compassion, empathy, sadness, and worry are just a few emotions that arecovered in this series of books. So, whether the little friends are leading a parade, exploring outer space or just playing ball, it's always an adventure with

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Not If But When

Not If But When
  • Author : John Perritt
  • Publisher : CF4Kids
  • Release : 20 December 2019

Pornography is wreaking havoc in our culture destroying families, and marriages. One of the greatest tools the enemy has used when it comes to pornography has been this: silence. Too many parents have been embarrassed or felt ill-equipped to deal with this subject, so they don't talk about it at all. This book is meant to be read alongside your child. It is pitched at seven to twelve-year-olds. While you may protest that seven is too young, please note that

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