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Design History and the History of Design

Design History and the History of Design
  • Author : John Albert Walker,Judy Attfield
  • Publisher : Pluto Press
  • Release : 29 November 1989
GET THIS BOOKDesign History and the History of Design

An essential overview as well as a theoretical critique for all students of design history. Walker studies the intellectual discipline of Design History and the issues that confront scholars writing histories of design. Taking his approach from a range of related fields, he discusses the problems of defining design and writing history. He considers the different methods that leading scholars have used in the absence of a theoretical framework, and looks critically at a number of histories of design and

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Introduction to Modern Design

Introduction to Modern Design
  • Author : George H. Marcus
  • Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing
  • Release : 26 December 2019
GET THIS BOOKIntroduction to Modern Design

With some 280 colour illustrations, Introduction to Modern Design takes us on a visual survey of design from the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century to the Maker Movement of today. It offers a new understanding of the birth of modern design in the early twentieth century and chronicles the way its meaning has changed over the decades. The narrative is supported by twenty-six readings from significant texts by designers and critics, offering readers an opportunity to learn about design from

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A History of Design from the Victorian Era to the Present

A History of Design from the Victorian Era to the Present
  • Author : Ann Ferebee
  • Publisher : Anonim
  • Release : 29 November 1970
GET THIS BOOKA History of Design from the Victorian Era to the Present

An abundantly illustrated overview of modern design across continents and cultures, highlighting key movements and design traditions. A unique cross-disciplinary survey of design history, A History of Design from the Victorian Era to the Present offers a concise overview of the modern milestones of architecture, interior design, graphic design, product design, and photography from the Crystal Palace of 1851 to the iPhone at the turn of the twenty-first century. This abundantly illustrated volume traces modern design across continents and cultures, highlighting

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Modern Swedish Design

Modern Swedish Design
  • Author : Uno Åhrén,Lucy Creagh,Mary Creagh,Helena Kåberg,Barbara Miller Lane,Kenneth Frampton
  • Publisher : The Museum of Modern Art
  • Release : 29 November 2021
GET THIS BOOKModern Swedish Design

Although Swedish design has exercised an extraordinary influence on modern architecture and interior furnishings internationally since the early twentieth century, the intellectual background from which it emerged is far less wellknown, for some of the crucial, generative writings on the subject by Swedish thinkers of the time have never been widely translated. Modern Swedish Design Theory collects three of these seminal essays for the first time in English. Accompanying these texts in the book are introductory essays and a postscript

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Modern Architecture and Design

Modern Architecture and Design
  • Author : Bill Risebero
  • Publisher : MIT Press
  • Release : 29 November 1983
GET THIS BOOKModern Architecture and Design

British architect and planner Bill Risebero recreates 200 years of modern architecture and design against a backdrop of class dominance over rising industrialism. The lively and opinionated text and more than 1,000 captioned drawings by the author provide a refreshing reinterpretation of architectural developments in the modern period.

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Speculative Everything

Speculative Everything
  • Author : Anthony Dunne,Fiona Raby
  • Publisher : MIT Press
  • Release : 06 December 2013
GET THIS BOOKSpeculative Everything

How to use design as a tool to create not only things but ideas, to speculate about possible futures. Today designers often focus on making technology easy to use, sexy, and consumable. In Speculative Everything, Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby propose a kind of design that is used as a tool to create not only things but ideas. For them, design is a means of speculating about how things could be—to imagine possible futures. This is not the usual

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Kinaesthetic Knowing

Kinaesthetic Knowing
  • Author : Zeynep Çelik Alexander
  • Publisher : University of Chicago Press
  • Release : 08 December 2017
GET THIS BOOKKinaesthetic Knowing

Introduction: a peculiar experiment -- Kinaesthetic knowing: the nineteenth-century biography of another kind of knowledge -- Looking: Wölfflin's comparative vision -- Affecting: Endell's mathematics of living feeling -- Drawing: the Debschitz school and formalism's subject -- Designing: discipline and introspection at the Bauhaus -- Epilogue

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  • Author : Bernhard E. Bürdek
  • Publisher : Birkhäuser
  • Release : 31 August 2015

For students of design, professional product designers, and anyone interested in design equally indispensable: the fully revised and updated edition of the reference work on product design. The book traces the history of product design and its current developments, and presents the most important principles of design theory and methodology, looking in particular at the communicative function of products and highlighting aspects such as corporate and service design, design management, strategic design, interface/interaction design and human design.. From the

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Modern Architecture

Modern Architecture
  • Author : Otto Wagner
  • Publisher : Getty Publications
  • Release : 29 November 1988
GET THIS BOOKModern Architecture

In 1896, Otto Wagner's "Modern Architecture" shocked the European architectural community with its impassioned plea for an end to eclecticism and for a "modern" style suited to contemporary needs and ideals, utilizing the nascent constructional technologies and materials. Through the combined forces of his polemical, pedagogical, and professional efforts, this determined, newly appointed professor at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts emerged in the late 1890s - along with such contemporaries as Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Glasgow and Louis Sullivan in

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The Shape of Time

The Shape of Time
  • Author : George Kubler
  • Publisher : Yale University Press
  • Release : 17 April 2008
GET THIS BOOKThe Shape of Time

When it was first released in 1962, The Shape of Time presented a radically new approach to the study of art history. Drawing upon new insights in fields such as anthropology and linguistics, George Kubler replaced the notion of style as the basis for histories of art with the concept of historical sequence and continuous change across time. Kubler’s classic work is now made available in a freshly designed edition. “The Shape of Time is as relevant now as it

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