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Nanomaterials Based Coatings

Nanomaterials Based Coatings
  • Author : Phuong Nguyen Tri
  • Publsiher : Micro and Nano Technologies
  • Release : 01 June 2019
  • ISBN : 9780128158845
  • Pages : 464 pages
  • Rating : 5/5 from 1 ratings
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Coatings act as multifunctional and smart materials for products, as well as serving as physical barriers or decoration. Nanomaterials-enforced coatings are smarter, stronger and more durable. The barrier performance of organic coatings is enhanced by the incorporation of nanofillers, by decreasing the porosity and zigzagging the diffusion path for deleterious species. Coatings containing nanofillers, therefore have significant barrier properties for corrosion protection and reducing the trend for the coating to blister or delaminate. In addition, the functionalization of nanomaterials has led to advances in smart nanocomposite coatings, such as self-healing, anti-fouling, self-cleaning, antibacterial and cooling coatings. Nanomaterials-based Coatings emphasizes the fundamental concepts and promising applications of nanomaterial-based coatings in anticorrosion, antiwear, antibacterial, antifugal, self-leaning, superhydrophobic, superhard, super heat resistance, solar reflective, photocatalytic and radar absorbing coatings. It is an important information source for those seeking to understand the underlying phenomenal and fundamental mechanisms through which nanoparticles interact with polymeric and metallic matrices to create stronger coatings, and what their major applications are. Highlights the latest methods in design, preparation and characterization techniques for nanomaterials-based coatings Discusses emerging applications of nanomaterials-based coatings, including substrates protection, sustainable energy, environment and healthcare Assesses the major challenges in making nanomaterials-based coatings more reliable and cost-effective