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Plant Nematode Biopesticides

Plant Nematode Biopesticides
  • Author : Anwar L. Bilgrami
  • Publsiher : Academic Press
  • Release : 01 April 2022
  • ISBN : 0128229977
  • Pages : 225 pages
  • Rating : 4/5 from 21 ratings
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Plant Nematode Biopesticides presents the most current knowledge on various categories of biopesticides used in the management of nematode pests of crops or those that have significant potential as biological control agents. This book presents an exploratory and investigatory compilation and explanation of the actions and potentials of predatory nematodes, microbial agents, plant and other organic products, nanobiopesticides, and predatory invertebrates as biopesticides of nematode pests of agricultural crops. It is of unique importance and value as the only currently available single-volume resource focusing on plant parasitic nematodes as the pests and biopesticides. In addition, the book addresses common reservations in using biopesticides, either alone or in integrated pest management programs, providing advanced insights on various biopesticidal agents and products. Biopesticides may be microbial (nematodes, bacteria, fungi, virus, herbs etc.), plant-incorporated protectants (PIPs), plant products (citronella oil, neem oil, capsaicin, pyrethrin etc.), synthetic biochemical molecules, pheromones, semio-chemicals, plant extracts, or nanobiopesticides. Includes emerging areas of nanobiopesticides, chemical aspects of biopesticides and plant exudates Presents strategies for researching nematodal biological control Addresses problems related to the mass production, manufacture and formation of biopesticides from both animal and plant products