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The International Cocoa Trade

The International Cocoa Trade
  • Author : Robin Dand
  • Publisher : Elsevier
  • Release : 07 December 2010
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‘An overview of the history of cocoa, the factors affecting its production and consumption as well as how the trade is conducted, various risks mitigated, and by whom. ...The International Cocoa Trade is a work designed to inform all on the subject of cocoa and an essential guide for those involved in its trade.’ Dr J. Vingerhoets, Executive Director, ICCO Cocoa is a valuable commodity, and the cocoa trade involves many different parties from growers and exporters through dealers and

The International Cocoa Trade, Second Edition

The International Cocoa Trade, Second Edition
  • Author : Robin Dand
  • Publisher : CRC Press
  • Release : 08 October 1999
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Over the past few years the cocoa market has had to modify how it operates. Continued low prices, fewer companies trading, and both the perceived and real element of del credere risks have brought about the change. Those that remain have had to return to the fundamentals of their business - knowing the needs of their clients and above all, knowing the commodity. This affects everyone directly and indirectly involved in cocoa. In the past, exporters could rely on dealers


  • Author : Kristy Leissle
  • Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
  • Release : 12 February 2018

Chocolate has long been a favorite indulgence. But behind every chocolate bar we unwrap, there is a world of power struggles and political maneuvering over its most important ingredient: cocoa. In this incisive book, Kristy Leissle reveals how cocoa, which brings pleasure and wealth to relatively few, depends upon an extensive global trade system that exploits the labor of five million growers, as well as countless other workers and vulnerable groups. The reality of this dramatic inequity, she explains, is

The Economics of Chocolate

The Economics of Chocolate
  • Author : Mara P. Squicciarini,Johan Swinnen
  • Publisher : Oxford University Press
  • Release : 21 January 2016
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This book, written by global experts, provides a comprehensive and topical analysis on the economics of chocolate. While the main approach is economic analysis, there are important contributions from other disciplines, including psychology, history, government, nutrition, and geography. The chapters are organized around several themes, including the history of cocoa and chocolate — from cocoa drinks in the Maya empire to the growing sales of Belgian chocolates in China; how governments have used cocoa and chocolate as a source of tax

Chocolate Nations

Chocolate Nations
  • Author : Órla Ryan
  • Publisher : Zed Books Ltd.
  • Release : 12 April 2012
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Chocolate - the very word conjures up a hint of the forbidden and a taste of the decadent. Yet the story behind the chocolate bar is rarely one of luxury. From the thousands of children who work on plantations to the smallholders who harvest the beans, Chocolate Nations reveals the hard economic realities of our favourite sweet. This vivid and gripping exploration of the reasons behind farmer poverty includes the human stories of the producers and traders at the heart